Hi, I'm Pam.

I take way too many selfies with my littles. 

I love chai lattes and late nights. 

I write lists and am obsessed with glittery pens and stationery.

I got my start in photography at an early age - watching my mum fill photo albums, documenting my childhood - photographs were always important to me. 

I followed in her footsteps, always being the one with a camera at school, with friends, during family gatherings, wanting to capture moments and memories and all the pretty things in life! 

My professional photography career began soon after having children of my own, realizing how quickly time passes and how much I wanted to capture the sweet faces of my own babies. I began photographing friends, their children, important milestones, their families and even their weddings. I’ve since leaned into the portrait and branding world, really connecting with entrepreneurs and business owners who have left more ‘traditional roles’ (as I did as a high school teacher) to pursue passions and venture on the road less traveled. 

I love connecting with people, learning about their journey, capturing their personality through portraits. I create real, relatable images that are relevant to my clients’ needs.  

I look forward to getting to know a little more about you.

xo Pam 

Branding Session

Working with Pam was an amazing experience. I instantly felt comfortable and at ease. She provided so many different options of professional head shots and impressive social media worthy images. I can’t wait for my next session!

1 / 4
1 / 4